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CEO Challenges

As the person leading your company, you know there's often more pain than perks. For CEOs, it’s the pain of:

  • Your employees, and even your family, not understanding your unique challenges and pressures.
  • Not having someone to share personal issues or challenges without affecting your role as the leader.
  • Not having an unbiased sounding board to hear your ideas and give you honest feedback.
  • Spending your time so focused on today’s success and having no time to do the most important CEO job – create the successful future of your company.
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Sage Executive Group Process

The Sage process has been developed by leaders who have over 45 years of collective experience with CEO peer advisory groups. As a result, we know what it takes to put together an effective and value-driven member experience.

  • Monthly Peer Group meetings for CEOs and C-level executives led by a seasoned top executive who serves as the group's coach.
  • Monthly individual coaching and mentoring sessions with the member and coach.
  • Speakers with real-world experience, relevant insight and actionable advice.
  • Exclusive learning and networking events for Sage members, their spouses and partners and the member's direct reports.
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