There are CEO peer advisory groups, and then there’s Sage. We aren’t interested in being the biggest — only the best. Our peer advisory groups are built to ensure Sage members achieve greater success and significance through shared advice, coaching, and mentorship. We were founded by leaders with a lifetime of experience in CEO peer groups, so the entire Sage experience is engineered by knowledgeable minds committed to ensuring each member gets value for their time and money.

When you join the Sage community, you will become part of an experience that is designed to help you achieve greater success and significance. You can expect:

  • Members and coaches who have been carefully selected by Sage. All members are vetted before acceptance to a group and are committed to growth, personally and professionally.
  • Groups of no more than 13 members, so you have ample time and enough experienced leaders to get questions answered and answers questioned.
  • A qualified paid coach, who serves as leads of the group, providing guidance and lending relevant knowledge and experience to the discussions. All Sage coaches have been successful business leaders.
  • Monthly peer group meetings that get you the answers you need in an effective and efficient format that makes the most of your valuable time.
  • Monthly individual meetings with your Sage coach to help keep you on track and focused and to provide practical and relevant advice.
  • Speakers with real-world experience, relevant insight and actionable advice.
  • A strictly enforced confidentiality policy.


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