Sage Executive Group Announces Four New Advisory Groups

Sage Executive Group, which started two years ago as a peer advisory organization for CEOS, has launched four new groups for business executives in finance, operations, sales and marketing and business development and for CEOs in small to mid-size companies.
Founded in San Diego by business leaders with over 45 years of collective experience with peer advisory counseling for chief executive officers, Sage Executive Group offers like-minded leaders an opportunity to learn together in a collaborative process of problem-solving.
Sage Executive Group has created new opportunities for chief operating officers, finance officers and sales and marketing executives of fast-growing private companies in the region.  It also has added Sage Ascent, a group for CEOs of small and mid-sized companies.
“Our groups meet monthly for interactive, dynamic, half-day sessions where we address and solve critical issues impacting our members business and personal lives, ultimately improving leadership effectiveness and bottom line performance,” said Tom Deverell,  a Sage group coach.
The four new groups are:
CFO/COO: Members are C-level executives who interact with peers to expand their leadership expertise. Titles include COO, CFO, General Manager or Chief Legal Counsel. They meet each month for 2 1/2 hours to explore challenges ranging from creating and following a business plan to developing financial metrics.
Sales and Marketing: Members oversee sales and/or marketing for firms with revenues exceeding $4 million annually and are seeking ways to deal with sales and marketing challenges, expand their network and improve leadership skills. They meet each month for 2 1/2 hours to share ways to achieve goals and overcome obstacles, both personal and professional.
Ascent CEO: Members, like chief executives in the pioneering Sage CEO groups, meet monthly for five hours to learn from each other and tackle their most pressing issues. Their companies have sales from $1 million through $3 million.
Business Development: Members of this newest Sage group,  Advisory Council to Executives, are  experts in their field who are expanding their connections in the community and finding new ways to share their expertise as “go to” business contacts.
About Sage Executive Consulting
Sage Executive Group is broadening its CEO training and mentoring program to include other high-level executives while retaining key goals of providing a confidential forum for business leaders to share ideas, solve problems and exchange peer feedback. As a result, Sage knows what it takes to put together an effective and value-driven member experience that has made it a leader in the field.
For more information, contact Sage Executive Group at (800) 648-1063 or visit

Sage Executive Group Appoints Tom Deverell as CEO Group Facilitator

Veteran San Diego business executive Tom Deverell has been named coach for a group of chief executive officers who meet to share ideas, explore solutions and develop their companies as part of the expansion of Sage Executive Group, a peer advisory organization for CEOs and top-level leaders.                                                                                     Tom Deverell
Deverell, who served for 10 years as CEO of San Diego-based Officia Imaging, will act as coach and adviser in the monthly,  interactive sessions of about a dozen CEOs aimed at addressing and solving critical issues in their business and personal lives. “I have succeeded in leading a diverse mix of technology and start-up firms, and am now drawing on that experience to mentor top executives in identifying and overcoming their biggest challenges, both in profits and managing personnel,” Deverell said.
His previous business experience includes rising to president of IKON Office Solutions over a 25-year career and helping build a startup that developed software for the real estate industry.
In addition to Deverell’s appointment, fast-growing peer advisory startup Sage Executive Group, founded in San Diego in 2012, is expanding its membership options to include C-level executives in finance, operations, marketing and sales.
The Sage Executive Group mentoring and training process has been developed by leaders who have over 45 years of collective experience with peer advisory groups for CEOs and other high-level executives. For more information, contact Sage at (800) 648-1063 or visit