“Growing old is no more than a bad habit which a busy person has no time to form.” Andre Maurois
Each year as our birthday approaches, we are reminded that some decade markers are getting closer. They seem to create an emotional barrier until the big day passes and you still feel the same. This came to mind this week because I have a birthday approaching and was discussing health, fitness and life balance with a group of millennials and 30 somethings. Since I am in my late 50’s and very conscious of health and fitness, it was funny to hear some of them say, “I’ll get more balanced and concerned with health and fitness when I’m in my 50’s”.
Habits formed when you are young and able to are much easier to manage than habits formed because you are forced to. If you do form them at an early age, the second half of life can be much more enjoyable. A great example of this was when was a young man of 20 and playing professional hockey. I had the honor to play against Gordie Howe, who that year was 46. He not only played at that age, but was still a very physical specimen and a major contributor to his team. My message in writing this is that he played until he was 51 and was able to do so because of his amazing exercise regimen. I, on the other hand, was retired at 24 because I was never as disciplined as he.  Form your habits now and live a more balanced life and enjoy a more prosperous career.
Weekly Wisdom by Jerry Rollins, CEO of Sage Executive Group