Why Enlist the Services of An Executive Coach?

Executive coaching requires a different approach versus traditional leadership or business coaching. The fundamental reason why a company would want to hire a firm to provide executive coaching is to examine their corporate culture, identify gaps in achievement or leadership, and then provide training and pathways to instill a new, more effective corporate culture.
This is more of a revision in terms of corporate culture versus an overhaul of policies and procedures. The idea is to transition leaders and employees alike to more of an “all in” mindset, versus just coming to work each day and punching the clock.

How Does an Executive Coach Help Leaders in Business?

Leaders know that to remain effective and continually increase productivity, one must enlist the services of a coach. Executive teams also understand that corporate culture can set the overall tone and direction of their business, and can prove to be the linchpin for success. For example, the Chick-Fil-A group, led by the Cathy family, has set a corporate tone of being “servant leaders.” This means that the executive leadership truly lives for the opportunity to serve their employees, their shareholders, and the public.
The message to all of their employees is loud and clear – “treat others as you would want to be treated, and take pride in the service that you are providing.” This corporate culture has proven highly successful for the Chick-Fil-A group, and no doubt the efforts of an executive coaching team had some bearing on establishing this tone. Executive coaches do not always look to overhaul an entire business’ tone and direction. Sometimes a simple tweak is all that is needed to enhance the perception of the organization and to improve productivity.

How Does One Find Executive Coaching Help?

Searching online for executive coaching help can turn up hundreds of options. For those seeking executive coaching services in the San Diego, CA area, look to the Sage Executive Group. With more than 45 collective years with CEO peer advisory groups, the Sage group can provide a level of executive coaching that will analyze your business, assess threats and opportunities, and help to formulate a plan that can deliver results and establish the correct “tone” for your organization.
By maintaining a strict confidentiality protocol, leaders can share ideas and help other members to improve their processes, rethink their policies, and gain a clearer picture as to the real levers of their businesses. Regular coaching from a senior member of the Sage group is part of the membership framework, and can provide the level of executive coaching you need as a senior leader in your organization.
Interacting at Sage Executive Group’s peer advisory meetings is a two way street. If you feel you have what it takes to contribute to a Sage peer group please visit the website at www.sageexecutivegroup.com.