Talent works, genius creates.
Robert Schumann
I read this today and recognized that I am not an innovator, not creative in any way, nor will I ever be mistaken for a genius.  I admire people and companies that are true innovators and that have a process for doing so as a part of their culture.  So after I finished beating myself up, I became cognizant that I always surrounded myself with teams that were innovative and creative.  What I brought to the game as a CEO was an ability to take complex business dreams and turn them into realities. Sometimes innovators and creative geniuses need people like me to fulfill that role.
The lesson I learned through the years was not to worry so much about my weaknesses and trying to fix them.  Instead I identified what was missing from me or my team and added people who brought those attributes to the game of business.
Weekly Wisdom from Jerry Rollins, CEO of Sage Executive Group