Carlsbad-based HM Electronics, a global leader in specialized communications, has received the 2019 AME Excellence Award presented by the Association for Manufacturing Excellence.

The award recognizes continuous improvement, best practices, creativity and innovation.

Founded in 1971, HME is a diverse group of companies that design, manufacture, sell and service communications, audio and software solutions for niche markets in over 140 countries worldwide

Company CEO Chuck Miyahira is a member of Sage Executive Group, a San Diego-based peer advisory organization for top business leaders.

The AME award highlighted HME’s employee engagement in creating a lean culture, facility design, employee training resources and topics, systems for scheduling and managing workflow, and strong cross-functional collaboration. “At HME, we saw well-integrated, high-functioning teams that produced among the best cross-functional processes, culture, and results we have seen anywhere,” said the AME assessment team.