Your Employees Define Your Organization – It Is Crucial To Attract The Right Ones!

Attracting the best and brightest of employees is a learned process. While gut instincts will get a hiring manager only so far, creating a company culture that respects the individual, provides appropriate levels of compensation, and recognizes employees for their achievements is the key to attracting the best employees.
How Does Your Brand Affect Your Ability To Attract Talent?
Your company has a brand. The values, beliefs, and motivations of your organization are on display for the entire world to see. Companies that have a reputation for rewarding employees, fostering creativity, and keeping work/life balance in check are more apt to attract candidates who want to work hard and commit to a career. Understanding how your industry and your current employees perceive your organization is important to establishing your brand identity. Have a reputation as a tough place to work with little creative reward? Good luck persuading top talent to enter your ranks – even if the pay is higher!
Innovative Compensation and Benefits Helps To Recruit Innovators
It takes more than just offering a healthy paycheck to an employee – try structuring pay and benefits in a creative way! For instance, structured incentive plans based on productivity or sales are pretty popular these days. Try rewarding employees with time off to spend on philanthropic activities. These can quickly become bonding moments among staff members and contributes to a positive image for the company. Actual paid incentive shouldn’t be compromised, so you’ll want to layer in paid time off as appropriate.
Another way to attract top candidates is by offering tailor-made benefits packages. Bringing on a staff member with school-aged kids? Try offering paid tutoring classes for the kids, or reward the employee with one set day per week where they are guaranteed to be off a few hours early – this way they can spend quality time with the family. Finding rewards that are tangible to spouses or immediate family members is also a great way to build support for the company at home. For example, your company could provide a three or four day paid family vacation for those who are achieving a determined performance standard. This paid vacation would be a motivator for not just the employee but the spouse or family, as well. These outside-the-box benefits are game changers when seeking top talent.

Don’t Wait – Find The Right Person!

While the ideas mentioned above are certainly important to consider when recruiting for top talent, keep in mind that the number one rule of attracting the best employees is to go out and find them! Arrange or attend job fairs, network with recruiters and talent managers, and advertise in trade papers or on sites that are respected within your industry. The talent is out there and by reinforcing the solidity of your brand, being innovative in terms of pay and benefits and work/life balance and hours, you’ll no doubt attract committed and dedicated employees.