Peer Advisory Groups Provide Coaching, Collaboration, and Networking Opportunities

Recent studies of executive level leaders at well-known companies have uncovered a common trend – these leaders spend a significant amount of their time surrounded by others. This is a direct correlation to the amount of emphasis they place on the collaborative relationships that can be built on the job. These leaders seek the counsel of others, provide feedback in open and honest forums, and seek ways to improve the policies and processes of their organizations. Peer advisory groups are an efficient and effective way in which to receive balanced feedback, constructive guidance, and, at times, solid ideas about how to improve the business. Two peer advisory groups stand out as leaders in the field – Vistage International and Sage Executive Group, both offering a solid resume of support, guidance, and counseling for the modern day business leader.
Vistage International – Better Leaders, Decisions, Results
Vistage International was founded in 1957 and offers peer counseling to members across the globe. With international offices on six continents, in 16 countries, and boasting 15,000 members, Vistage has created a legacy of helping business owners and leaders make better decisions and see enhanced results. With a corporate office in San Diego, CA, Vistage has a significant presence across the United States. Vistage offers peer advisory groups, executive level coaching, one-on-one sessions with a seasoned leader, and the ability to interact with a diverse group of individuals. Vistage has demonstrated a record of providing quality advising services for more than 50 years.
Sage Executive Group – Greater Success and Significance
Sage Executive Group takes a slightly different approach than Vistage International. The goal at Sage isn’t to be a massive peer advisory entity. Rather, Sage Executive seeks to be the best small to medium sized advisory group for those leading businesses that generate $3 million in revenue or greater. Vistage will provide peer advising to those who lead much smaller operations. Sage is headquartered in San Diego, CA, and has a leadership team with more than 45 years of peer advisory and executive coaching experience. Monthly half-day meetings allow for members to interact with a diverse group of no more than 12 members – allowing for ample time to get the answers they seek, all in a strictly confidential environment. Monthly one-on-one coaching with a Sage Chairman provides additional guidance and feedback – all designed to improve the success levels of the leader’s respective business.
Vistage International vs. Sage Executive Group
A direct comparison of these two groups will uncover some subtle differences that may have prospective members wondering which way to go. Both organizations have firmly embraced the concept of peer advising and executive level coaching. The executive coaching process at Sage Executive group is always led by a former CEO – lending additional credibility to the Sage process versus the Vistage International interaction. Vistage International does have a more global presence than Sage Executive, but with more and more CEO’s finding that lack of free time is the ultimate problem, many are turning to virtual meetings as opposed to traditional face to face gatherings. Both groups offer virtual meetings, with Sage expanding the learning and networking offerings to include events tailored to the family members, spouses, and employees of the member. This can help provide additional insight to those that support the overall mission of the CEO or executive level leader. Finally, with a smaller, more intimate base of leaders, some may say that Sage Executive has kept the scale of the peer advising service right where it needs to be – not the biggest, just the best.