You’ve got an amazing job opportunity. But how do you find the right person for that top position?
The answer lies not in what you put on paper or on a job posting, but in the vision you create in your own mind.
The challenge was put to four  top-tier, C-level executives by Jerry Rollins, CEO of Sage Executive Group, at their peer advisory meetings this month. All four had written detailed job descriptions. The more important step was to do a visualization of the most perfect person for the job they had ever met.
Painting a mental portrait brought clarity in identifying the right persons for them to target in their business network. The next step was to reach out to those people, describe the ideal candidate as written and envisioned and ask help in finding that person. The fit was so good that some of those contacted ended up seeking the job themselves.
This was a not a head-hunting exercise, said Rollins. Rather, the task was to: “Visualize who that person is and reach out to your network with that visual and written description.”
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