The Perfect Climate for Business

San Diego has it all when it comes to an advantageous business climate – strong per capita income, lower than average violent and property crime statistics, and a business growth rate significantly higher than the national average.
For these reasons, and many others, businesses have a better than average chance for success in the San Diego area. This phenomenon has motivated a large number of business owners to seek a competitive advantage over their contemporaries.

Consulting Takes On Many Forms

Business consulting can take the form of management consulting, human resources counseling, IT consulting, and include strategies around marketing, government relations, and legal considerations. For the business owner, president, or CEO, these can be helpful, if not costly options to help improve the health of the business. Human resources consulting is a popular topic, yet the impact of HR consulting may not be felt immediately.
Building strategies around marketing and sales tactics is an important topic of discussion, yet there are typically in-house employees who can manage these important areas. As the business owner, president, or CEO, to whom do you turn to discuss some of the more personal or private aspects of your leadership role? The answer lies in a peer advisory group.

Peer Advisory Groups Provide a Competitive Advantage

Imagine sitting in a room with ten to twelve highly successful business owners, presidents, or CEO’s. You seek their advice on a variety of topics and draw upon the diverse experience that each peer brings to the table. All the while, your personal experiences in the workforce are valued by this peer group and provide a conduit for you to be able to educate and guide others. This is the fundamental benefit to a peer advisory group – the ability to confidentially bring issues to the table that might be difficult given your position as leader of the company.
The role of CEO is a difficult one. Decisions must be made, accountability is absolute, and there is little empathy for a leader when issues arise.